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House Plan Drafting Services

Home plan design, drafting and cad services

You have looked at somewhere between 50 and a thousand plans, are frustrated, know what you want but can't find it all in one place.

Tell me which pieces of this and that you like, what you want it to look like, and make a 50% retainer with the  balance on completion. Easy enough? email me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
I need you to scan your site plan or lot survey and let me know what your setbacks are. ( how far from the front, sides and rear of the land your house has to be). It has to fit.
An affordable way to get your sketches and pieces of plans that you found on the internet all combined into a full set of construction drawings,
drawn and assembled with one on one service from a seasoned professional.
We customize house plans for the same price (or less!) than making do with a ready made home plan.
Call or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information on how we can help you with your truly custom house design.
Licensed Architect in Texas, 28 yrs experience- stamped plans for all Texas customers- same price- We work with people nation wide, basement, walkout, crawlspace, slab on grade, ICF, you name it. Over 300 plans done last year.
We provide cad drafting services to owner-builders, architects, engineers and contractors. Residential and commercial projects, from design stage to finished working drawings. Let us give you a quote on your project to provide you with working drawings or residential permit drawings.


Latest Design


Drawings for a house addition

Here is a request for info I got today:

What is needed in order for you to draw up a set of plans for an addition I am looking to build. I need a set of prints in order to get a building permit. I live in (city) in (state). What is the normal delivery for your work?

What we usually put together for a permit set is:

cover sheet - your contact info, area calculations, plot and survey info, standard abbreviations, symbols,

site plan- setbacks, driveway, sidewalk, a/c pads, plan outline, dimensions of house to lot, showing all misc buildings and lot improvements like swimming pool, etc., show gas, electric, water mains locations.

floor plans - dimensions, door / window tags, room names, usual plan info-

door / window schedule

all exterior elevations- heights of plate, finish grade, call out materials, any special features, roof slopes

building section, wall section - call out materials, show construction

electrical plan ( if not shown on floor plan) - schematic electrical layout, waterproof gfi plugs near sinks and in garage, Afci plugs in bedroom, smoke detectors, doorbells, phone and internet locations.

foundation plan, floor framing plan, roof framing plan

What we would need from you to do this is-

the contact info - your phone number, address, etc.

a lot plan showing lot dimensions, north, etc.

a plan of the existing house, if not available, a sketch of the house with exterior dimensions to wall, and dimensions locating doors and windows.

Pictures of your house from all angles, try to get more pictures than you think we would need.

Then- a sketch of what you want in your addition, and a description of what you want the addition to look like, or pictures of a house similar to what you want it to look like. Tell us if you want to use roof trusses or 2x roof rafters, and what materials you want to use for the roof and exterior of the house. Let us know f you want to use 2x4 exterior studs or 2x6 ( do you want more insulation in your walls?). If you can get us all the info we could get your drawings ready in 2 to 3 weeks, I charge 90 cents per square foot for the drawings. I ask for a 50% retainer to get started with the balance on completion. I take payment using paypal to the email address admin at houseplanarchitect .com , and recently put a google payment button on the website. I will send you the cad files so you can make corrections, and will send high res pdf files that you can take to any Kinkos to get printed on 24" x 36" paper. We will send pdf files for checking once the plans and elevations are done, make the changes and send them back for approval, then once approved we will do the rest ofthe drawings.





Home Plans

Custom home plans

We are professionals with 25 years of experience. I strive to make a custom house plan that works for you, in your price range and your style. There are things that a professional may spot immediately and correct automatically while looking at your plans. I am available for a free online consultation. Send me your questions and sketches and I will give you unbiased, personal and professional attention to your design and construction questions.

I will work together with you to make a custom home plan that meets your needs.


Custom Home Plan Drafting & Design

Here is a question I got today and my response:


I was wondering if you could tell me how this process works.  We need some drawings prepared of our existing house and then some drawings prepared of renovations that we want to do here.  I already have quite a bit on paper, but it is all hand drawn and we would like it on CAD.

I will need pictures of your existing house from all angles so that I can draw the existing house and understand how it relates to its context. For a permit you will need to send me your plot plan or approved site plan, you will have received one at the time of closing of your property.

Where are you located? Permit plans vary according to where you live, Please let me know where you are and I will verify what drawings you will need to get for your permit. I charge from .90 cents per square foot for new construction to $1.50 per square foot for additions.


Looking forward to helping you realize your house plans!



(877)-706-8724 Toll Free
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Custom House Plans

You want your house plans to include all the great design ideas and layouts you have seen in your life. You know the way it should look in your mind, but when it comes to putting all the pieces together it doesn't seem to work. Call us to get your custom home plan design drawn properly. I will take your plan and elevation ideas and turn them into your own vision of what you want your home to be. We provide people a chance to work with a House Plan Designer at an affordable rate, taking your ideas and developing them into a complete set of plans that you can give your builder, as well as get your building permit.

A complete set of drawings includes the following for only 80 cents a square foot.:

  • Cover sheet
  • Site plan
  • All floor plans
  • All exterior elevations
  • Electrical plans
  • Wall sections, building section, details
  • Door and window schedule
  • Foundation plan, floor framing plan, roof framing plan
  • Roof plan


Call me for a firm quote, then scan your documents at 200 dpi ( dots per inch) and save as jpg or tiff and email them to :


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We will give you a set of plot files that you can use to get as many blueprints made as you want. We will give you pdf files that you can take to be plotted on reproducibles, or plot them straight to blueline or blackline prints.


Home Plan Design

Custom House Plans are just that- custom- made to order, customized to meet your needs and wishes. Its not something ready made that you buy off the shelf. We work with your sketches, pictures and images to come up with an individualized " made to fit" plan that does all you need it to. I have put some samples of past projects up in the gallery mainly to show that we offer a full building set, not just plans and elevations. We will work with you to get a set of plans that you can take to get a building permit in your jurisdiction. This varies from place to place; we actually call them up and verify what they are expecting to see when you go in with your plans so there are no surprises at the time of submittal. Get experienced home plan design advice with HousePlanArchitect.


Home Plans

A custom home plan usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to make a full set. This includes time for corrections, redraws, and approvals  Try to get all of your documents together at the beginning. You will need the site plan and site info, number of rooms you want, photos of houses you have seen that you like, and parts of plans that you wish to incorporate into your home.Why settle for something that's not exactly what you want when you can have a custom home plan made to your specifications.

We offer 3d renderings, animations, and photo realistic computer generated views of your project. Our rates are very competitive and our quality is second to none.


Custom Cad Plan Packages

Custom Home plan, home design service drafting packages. All house plan drafting packages can be added to and deleted from so if you do not see the package you want you can create your own. Call the house designers at toll free 1-877-706-8724 to get started.

Standard Package: Minimum necessary to get permits in many locations.
1. Foundation plan
2. Floor plans
3. Exterior elevations
4. Electrical plan
5. Wall sections
6. Details
7. Framing plan
8. Roof plan

Professional Package:
All of the plans in the standard package plus:
1. Site plan
2. Interior elevations
3. Kitchen layout
4. Details of special areas, fireplace

Designer Package:
All of the plans in the standard package plus:
1) Three floor plan options to choose from if you have different ideas and are not sure which to do.
2) 3D renderings of the exterior elevation see what your house will look like before you build or remodel (1 view).

Custom Package:
Create your own wish list.

house plan


Design your own home

Design your own home, you know better than anyone what you want in your house. I recommend using a simple program called Home Plan Pro or 3d Home Architect , Try or Buy HomePlan Pro Here- only $39! I really like it and am sure you will find it easy to use, there is a free 30 day download to try it out. 3d Home Architect has the ability to automatically generate a 3d image of your house and you can then make a walk through. I have taken many peoples 3d home files and turned them into custom home plan permit sets. Send us your computer files from 3d home architect and we will turn your creation into a set of custom home plan blueprints that you can get a permit with as well as an accurate quote from builders.

Be sure you know the width and length of your lot before you start. Then take away all setbacks, usually five to ten feet for side setbacks, 25' feet for the front setback, and 15' feet for the rear setback. 
You will have to check with your local building authority to find out for sure.  The area left over after taking away all the setbacks is the area you can build in. You might have other considerations that dictate how much house you can put on the ground floor, it is called the Floor Area Ratio ( FAR).

One way to start getting an idea of your spaces and their relationships with each other is to cut out pieces of cardboard to scale in the size of the rooms you want. Use a scale that is easy to manage, like 1/4" inch equals one foot. Put the pieces together and think of the way they affect the front elevation and the way people move through the house, privacy considerations, and inter relationships with the other rooms.

Custom House Plan Design Sketch

Most people are pretty good at knowing what kind of plan and functionality they want in their new house. Few people are as good at coming up with elevations and stylistic variations. This is one of the areas in which an experienced professional can really help you. I can give you 3 or 4 different elevation studies in a very short time, as well as showing some roofing solutions for those tricky roof junctions. All this in a package price, or by the hour. Customize your house plans and get the confidence your house will look great.